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The Competence Centre for Inclusion in Education is dedicated to research, networking, and scientific exchange on inclusive education. Inclusion research aims to provide analyses of and conceptual answers to the differences and diversity of all children and pupils. The aim is to guarantee the full participation and learning of each and everyone, with a particular focus on identifying and removing possible cultural, structural, or practice-related barriers in educational institutions. The main objective of the centre is to conduct research in the field of inclusion in education at regional, national, and international level. The exceptional geographical and cultural location of the Free University of Bozen offers particularly interesting perspectives for research, networking, and scientific exchange on inclusive education. The competence centre aims to contribute to this through various research activities: bringing knowledge and findings on the Italian and South Tyrolean inclusive education sector to the international scientific debate; strengthening the development of inclusion in kindergartens and schools in South Tyrol through practice-relevant research.

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Kompetenzzentrum für Inklusion im Bildungsbereich an der Universität Bozen - Brixen