Counselling and Psychopedagogical Guidance Team

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Functions of the Counseling and Psychopedagogical Guidance Teams:

  • Identification and psycho-pedagogical and/or social assessment of the special educational needs of the students and schooling proposal, in collaboration with the specific educational services, if appropriate.
  • Elaboration of various reports to guide schooling.
  • Advice to the teaching staff for the planning of the educational response (adaptations of the classroom, materials, individualized plans...) that the students may need, in collaboration with the teachers, specialists and specific educational services.
  • Advice to students, families and teaching teams on aspects of personal, educational, professional and social guidance.
  • Coordination with professionals from other specific care services.
  • Participation in the commissions for attention to inclusive education (CAEI) and social commissions.
  • Collaboration with educational centers in inclusion processes, in the prevention and resolution of conflicts and in the detection and prevention of risky behaviors.
  • Work in a network with the institutions and services of the area for the detection of needs, the establishment of common criteria for action, knowledge and the dissemination of resources.
  • Collaboration with the administrations in the planning and optimization of the educational resources of the sector and in related issues in the schooling of students.

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