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In South Tyrol and in all Italy, Sozialsprengel (social services districts) are local organisations that provide health and social services at municipal level. These institutions were created to organise healthcare and social services efficiently and in line with the local needs. The tasks of the Sozialsprengel include the following areas: 1. Healthcare services: Sozialsprengel are responsible for providing basic medical and healthcare services in their respective municipalities. This can include the provision of outpatient medical services, the organisation of vaccination programmes, health promotion and prevention as well as support in caring for elderly or sick people; 2. Social services: Sozialsprengel offer support and services in the social field. This can include looking after children and teenagers, supporting families in crisis situations, accompanying elderly people, promoting the integration and inclusion of people with disabilities or migrants and organising educational and leisure activities; 3. Care services: Sozialsprengel are often also active in organising care services to help older people and people with special needs. This includes home care, day care, short-term care and support in organising long-term care; 4. Counselling and support: The Sozialsprengel provide counselling and support for individuals and families in social and health matters. This can include help with applying for social benefits, legal support, or psychological counselling.

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